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What is True Quantum Healing?

TQH is an quantum energy healing modality that utilizes the pendulum and chart method of dowsing.  The chart system is designed to locate the problem area of the body and it's corresponding energy grid, and then, locate the stressor within that given area. Once this has been ascertained, crystalline energy tools are used to neutralize the stressor. The chart system is also designed to remove all doubt from your answers. With many different ways to ask questions within the charts, your answers are easily confirmed.

As easy as TRUE and FALSE.

The concept of TQH is that of keeping it understandable and easy to move the energy and make the changes within the body. To REMOVE a stressor, simply say"FALSE"

For example, you have dowsed that there is mercury within your brain. Just say (while holding a pyramid) brain, mercury, false. This will neutralize the mercury within the brain. Then, as a "backfill" you would say, brain TRUE. By saying TRUE, the brain is returned to a healthy vibration.

This easy 3 step method holds true for any kind of problem, be it spiritual, emotional energetic or physical problem. TQH covers any and all probabilities within the cause of illness, from virus and bacterial infections, to entities, witchcraft and curses. But, it doesn't stop there, you can incorporate any other modality to work along with TQH.

You are never on your own

With TQH, assistance is only an email or phone call away! When you have questions or are unsure of something within the charts, developer Chris Kehler is there to guide you. You are also connected to all of the other TQH practitioners for ideas and support.

To date, we have practitioners in many different countries. India, Croatia, the U.K., Slovakia, New Zealand, Ireland, The US and Canada, just to name a few

Do I need "gifts" to use TQH?

All of the gifts you will need are already within you. The WILL and INTENT to heal and help others is all that is needed. These two things alone is what makes "humanity" a strong force in the universe. Our ability to manifest is second to none!

A message from the founder and developer of TQH

Dear friends, our planet and all it's inhabitants are now entering into a new era of energy shifts and changes. This "shift" into a new paradigm of consciousness is creating a new path into an era of personal health care that will greatly compliment the current allopathic system. TQH will also give those who do not wish to follow the traditional route an option, an option that  allows their body to heal on it's own terms, to remove the negative and blocking energies that are the main cause of our illness. It is my intent that TQH becomes a modality that can be used within the community and family unit for all that seek help with their daily health problems.

"our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, our greatest fear is that we are all powerful beyond belief"


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